Friday, July 17, 2009


AND now Mr. Nasty, VIX, VOLUME and breadth all are speaking in different tongues.

To be clear, Nothing wrong with riding profits up, but confused as this market is giving us signals, when the guys from stockcharts [blogs] []
tell you they see conflicting signals, then, we are NOT hallucinating calling them also

Profits are one thing, RIDING THE TIGER IS ANOTHER, simply more dangerous.

Use your "Field Awareness" to keep you safe, and adjust any stops you have, mental, physical, or trailing, to keep you safe. AS Subscribers to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS
clearly see, THERE ARE VEHICLES ALONG MOST EVERY DAY, so do not let profits turn into losses. You need not get shaken out of a position, but watch your indicators and make sure you get your profits. Even the SILVER and BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS posted here, and the "ALSO-RANs" are far far better to ride, than allowing profits to turn into losses for fear of not having another candidate to ride later.

Stay Aware, stay nimble, stay profitable [Give PEAK PIX a test drive when your ready].

Till then, have a great day. Next week we will publish a review.


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