Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are I confused ?

Lets see, Baltic Shipping Index is headed down. But the chinese shipping companies are goosing up rates for the 40 foot containers, and Horizon Lines stock is about goose itself up. The Feds ARE floating all this debt by sinking the market, but we know the market is topping right? Oh yes did I forget about the rally that is coming?

In fact, dont all these conflicting facts make you want to chuck it and go fishing?

Well tomorrow is Free Fishing Day, so yes we are going fishing.

Yep these guys and their fundamental information are awfully confusing. What does NOT confuse me is the 15+ stocks that have rendered clear buy signals as of Thursday's close.
Folklore has it that a bull market is 2/3's of stocks going up an the other 1/3 not
Same would be reversed for bear markets. IMO, this is a bear market. SOO, after I numerically rate these +15 stocks, I'll better know what I am going to acquire Monday

So far it looks like a few energy stocks, an industrial or two, a couple PM's,an agriculture stock, a shipper, and a resturant chain. I cant tell what, if anything, it is saying about the market at large. Maybe Sunday I will have a chance to write more.

Good luck everyone,


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