Monday, June 1, 2009


Familiar with the Exocet Missle ? Gyrfalcons & Ptarmigan ? POP-UP Maneuver? Wild Weasels of Vietnam Air War fame ?

While I meant to discuss the "SECOND SURGE" or "SECOND PEAK " Phenom when I was working with the Primary Volume Total for NYSE, and comparing that with the DJIA and the Summation Index, I was not able to cover it. Here, it also applies.
Simply, without the Second Peak or Surge in prices or breadth or volume, there could
be NO POP-UP MANEUVER. First made publicized by the fame of the WILD WEASELS of the USAF over North Vietnam, basically the Wild Weasel's fake out defenses. Essentially its a counter motion play then reversed, often known as a HalfBack Counter, say in Madden Football.

Note the peaks in Mr.Nasti's top moves. In the last two, clearly a fake out move.
Note that in the last two tops, both were double,and the last one was basically a fake out move,hence the WILD WEASEL's Pop-Up Maneuver. Several dates have been suggested for the end of this little game, which by my count has something like 15-20 market sessions before the tide recedes in very scary fashion.... Plenty of room for short range scalping, but very little time to dog down the hatches for the real storm, cause its gonna be a doozzy, often termed a "goose-drownder". Survival Suits are available for sale if ya know where to get em.


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