Wednesday, April 15, 2009


But perhaps let MZ. or MR. Market help us out. Truly if it's a bull market we shall buy back in again.

BUT maybe for prudence sake we all need our SELL STOP LIMIT ORDERS all in place LOCKED & LOADED so we can go about our business and let the market do what it does best, FLUCTUATE !.

AS I work on my various projects, my attention is spread out amongst them, so I have my STOPS IN PLACE, and can focus, instead of suffering endless anxiety. Thats what works for me.

My finding is that MZ. or MR. Market knows exactly when I should get out. Just like me MZ. / MR. Market has been wrong from time to time, but I have been wronger than MZ. / MR. Market has, so this is why I am comfortable.

Meanwhile ya'll have fun and fight nice. I am looking at shorts here, and the screened but unfiltered short list is: UVV; TWX ; ACN ; BAX ; GPN ; FO; HBC; BEN; MW; BR; JCG; WRI. That should be some food for thought for ya ! !


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