Monday, April 13, 2009

Barrons Attack on Tanzanian Royalties [ TRE ]

Seems to me, pretty funny when a really BIG outfit like BARRONS attacks Jim Sinclair, by trying to paint one of his vehicles Tanzanian Royalty [ TRE ], as

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me -> BUT even more interesting IMO, is the fact that
JSMINESET published a recent article about the rationale for gold shorts not covering.

This entry is pretty much commenting on a comment, so now let me quote a quote AGAIN, altho its a paraphrase, so I dont have to page back to get it : "the point of these shorts was to make sure the juniors could not get any financing:. Now that paraphrase appears in an earlier post in this blog, and it comes from JSMINESET.

Now TRE is a legitimate junior with JV in Tanzania, with Barricks, oh dear, but its a junior miner with typical junior pro's and cons. I think when Barron's attacks it in this way, does a great job to reverse target what is really going on here, IMO.

I recently expressed a negative opinion privately and publically about a Miner listed on the LONDON, whom I thought was the "Partner from HELL". This Barron's article simply shows me how connected all these guys are. Did the "Partner from HELL" think this up all on their own, I mean what they did to two of the other Junior Miners they JV'd with. I DONT THINK SO ! ! ! But if you check who did some of their underwritings and was probably their financial advisor, you'll get the picture, I wont have to draw one for you.

CHEERS for Jim Sinclair and Tanzania Royals, jeers to Barrons. Shame on Barrons for trying to skirt the meanings of the English Language. I thought I knew where BARRONS was at. Now I KNOW I know where they are.

Good Luck All


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