Friday, March 13, 2009

Lets talk Industrials [ or non-PM, non-Energy stocks]

Issues I am tracking that fit this category are [in no particular order ] : FHC ; NWK ; DAR ; BGS ; DHT ; L.TO[ aka LBLCF ] ; NGA ; EAD ; IM ; STX ; HRZ. My apologies for anything I left out.

I am tracking these with a series of technical analysis filters and ACQUIRING and DISPOSING of them as they arrive in these respective zones. These ZONES are roughly equivalent to those found by using the STOCK CONSULTANT Box in the upper right of this blog. Should you run out of ENTRIES for this, you can use the O/S & O/B ZONES on any particular Banded or Stochastic Oscillator. If that doesnt work, just either leave a comment for me, or email me at "" and I will publish the most recent for that particular issue.

My basic premise is that these "INDUSTRIAL-Like" stocks will participate in this Rally. We will talk about THE RALLY later and its ramifications.

Good Luck All,


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