Friday, March 13, 2009

How about a touch of INCOME ?

OK, for a spot of income, anyone??

Yields as you like them. Sectors, Capital Gains Potentials, and get paid while you wait.

Again, in no particular order : PGH ; BGS ; DHT ; EAD ; GAB ; HRZ ; GGN ; SSL ; AAV ; MWE ;

For those digging deeper, there still is the Canadian INCOME TRUST FUND sector, some of which are USA Listed, or simply OTC or Pink Sheets : LIF/ ; ; PMT/ ; SIF/ For more detailed information, you can access most of them on
Most of the Trusts can be found on, using the above format to create a chart.

Each and every issue here, usually responds to a sector, so if you can observe the sector it will aid your understanding of how it cycles.

Observe Support [ usually the same as ACQUISTION ZONES ] and Resistance [ similar to DISPOSAL ZONES ], for the best oppurtunities.

Good Luck All,


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