Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ok, so we have SCENARIO's. If any one cares to have to see some similar or supporting arguments WHICH I HAVE READ, just email me for them.


1/ BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Kinda like the silly paragraph,

"We the willing, led by the unknowing, had done so much with so little,
that we now feel qualified to do anything with nothing."

Thats Kinda how I feel.

Since the November Lows I have participated in rallies and had mixed results, but I am still here, somewhat bent, spindled and a wee bit mutilated, but with a still operative sense of humor to show for it all.

2/ I am as prepared for everything out there as I can be, sans the end of the world, which of
course, no one can ADEQUATELY prepare for.

WHAT are my PREPARATIONS, market-wise ?

A/ I hold stocks in positive trends with safe dividends, ACQUIRED at Panic Levels.
B/ These holdings are NOT on Margin, they are 100% owned.
C/ As a Precious Metals Partisan, I hold several Precious Metal Stocks NOW in
Positive Trends, some paying protected Dividends.
D/ I have a Pre-Positioned NEGATIVE ETF HEDGE Plan ready for deployment
as any ensuing Rally Approaches its Likely EXHAUSTION LEVELS.
E/ MY Hedge will render my portfolio MARKET NEUTRAL, whereas the
Dividends will continue to flow to my portfolio.
Adjusting the amount of NEGATIVE ETF I hold relative to my Portfolio
will allow me to roll my exposure fore and aft, more and less to
either positive or negative trends, by simply buying or selling shares

DO YOU FEEL LUCKY TODAY ? ? Dyodd & DYoHW, and you just might. ! ! !


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