Friday, March 13, 2009

AND for OUR NEXT Performers, we have PM's

These are on my radar at the present moment, again, in no particular order : AZK ; EGO ; MDW ; FRG ; KGH ; CEF ; GORO ; IAG ; THM ; GGN ; RBY ; ETQ ; MFN ; AXU ; RIC ; EGI ; MMG ; QMM.

Now given the many strange circumstances and places miners must go to get PM's, I can safely say everyone of these PM's stocks has their own story, which it would be best to be familar with before entering any position. Thats my advice. Most will fluctuate mainly with PM prices, but all are vulnerable to their own internal developments. Again, the same kind of Technical Selection as to ACQUISITION and DISPOSAL ZONES applies here as it did to the INDUSTRIAL - LIKE stocks.

Good Luck All


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