Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time to Saddle up for the Dance, here are the girls

Now is the time we have to prepare for the next move, which is starting NOW. I am starting my ACQUISTION Alert now.
AZK & RIC are Quebec Producers. MFN is my pick for the best in Open Pit Miners as to market behaviour, and FRG has both gold and U308 [ once it completes the Aurora acquistion].
ETQ broke out as I was writing the DGS Letter yesterday, and is, IMO, in possession of serious TECHNICAL Strength. GORO just keeps doing things right and the market is rewarding that.
KGN is a W.African mine developer in motion, and its stock is also. I cannot say that IAG's strength is unexplained but it's chart pattern is emphatic. MVG is my only choice in Silver, probably due to the quality of its mgmt moves in the face of Fresnillo, and its market action.

It could be that pending M & A activity is driving these Juniors, because I dont see proportionate moves in the Seniors notwithstanding their respective volatility.

Nice to own all 10 of these, but hey, if you could own one, and give your portfolio 10% stake in the PM's that'd be great.
We already have acquired opening positions and will be adding throughout the trend as it develops on time and price points. If I was starting from scratch, I'd pick 2 or 4 which fluctuate dissimilarly and alternate between them.

Time wise, I am expecting this trend to manifest in the next 72 hours [ market days ], and fluctuate but start, which will allow some to gain a foothold. Get a piece now and add to it, thats my simplest plan.

Ya'll have fun now, and fight nice.


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