Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you want Fries with your $HUI, your XLE or what

Yes the time is :, and now a word from our sponsors, OBJECTIVITY, TRUTH & PROFITS.
Where did that come from ? Well to be fair and to be clear, lets start with my sources.

What I try to do, here and in the DGS Letter is providing the RESULTS of TA without getting TECHNICAL.

A majority of what I provide in the way of stocks, comes from a series of scans from public websites, not only scans, but also, on timing, which is partially influenced by cycle material from a public cycles website. Sometimes the timing materials agree and we have confluence, and sometimes not, and we have divergence. Fibonacci Numbers dont play as big as a part as Fibonacci Dates, and Date Clusters. The preliminary results then get run thru a serious of technical filters, and you get to see some of those that make it thru.

Thats the front end.


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