Sunday, January 25, 2009


So GOLD is showing its Bling, and Crude is threatening a 50% rally. Oh yes I forgot, the US Dollar is rallying and the Stock Market is threatening a Serious Bear Market Rally.

The only thing I can take from this is that, as usual, In Extremus, the tide flowed out of assets and into cash in such measure as to leave treasures stranded high and dry for all to reach. Those wanting it will hold back fearing the ominious ultra low tide before a tsnumami, but the bold ones will get some treasure. Ultimately the crowd will go in and get its share, and just as invevitably, the tide will come back in, but probably not in the measure of a tsunami, not just yet.

I will not be telling the market what to do, but I will be observing the tide and setting my craft to rides its gyrations. Fashion your craft accordingly, tie your lashes carefully, make sure your craft is properly trimmed and balanced.

My job here is to help people stay on the correct side of the markets action.
This bear market rally aside, and any rise in commodities not withstanding, have you considered what you will do next >? Position planning, just like position in playing billards is part of a successful operators DD & HW ! ! !


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