Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vigilance, your key

Just as every square inch of inland water in Alaska is classified as CLASS "2" just because it is so cold, so am I on DEFCON "2" as concerns these markets.

That said, look at the above chart, and ask yourself, how quickly I'd jump to DEFCON "4", awaiting the launch of the WEIMAR HyperInflation. It would take me 2 nanoseconds or less to jump into a WEIMAR HyperINflation Alert Posture, simply due to all the circustances I addressed in my last post.

Its about zero F, with two feet of snow on the ground. Gas is cheap now, for awhile.
I have firewood, food, and the supplies and tools for daily living, at hand.

Would you need to make WEIMAR Alert Preparations, well you know, you'd have a go-bag, food, PM's and a portfolio balanced btwn Cap Gains, Income, Defense & Offense.
Since this is the Season of Christmas, I think a quote : ".... shall come like a thief in the night, and no one shall know the time....", I think, as I paraphrase or misquote Christ. I think that quote both ancient and wise applies here.

May the wealth of your life overwhelm you with gratitude for the world in which you live. Live and enjoy your life and all those around you. Make sure you light such candles as you may to snuff out the darkness.

Be Vigilant, Be Objective. LOOK dont LISTEN. Such things as I have given, please take with my sincere good wishes, and my best wishes for joyous times for you and yours.


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