Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year Coming, New Changes Coming

Please have my best wishes for the Happiest of Holiday Seasons, everyone, for you and your families.

My list of gifts and blessings : 1/ Family ; 2/ Health; 3/ Gratitude for the wonderful world in which we live.

As we pursue our lives and dreams, we all acknowledge that these gifts make that possible, and that part of our desire to pursue our dreams and objectives is to make those three things better.

For my part, the changes are a new website and the beginnings of a basic weekly subscription update service.

The focus on NEWS YOU CAN USE while its still NEWS has NOT CHANGED. No rehashes and recaps is still my policy.
Straight talk is what it is all about, so -> NO TALKING HEADS.

No TORRENTS of TEXT to dazzle & blind you, NO GATHERINGS of GURU's to cloud the mind.

Heres is what we do. Straight technical Opinion : "UP", "DOWN", "NO NET GAIN",
"YES", "NO", "I DONT have an Opinion". We form our opinions with New, Innovative Indicators Plus the support and confirming data of Standard Technical Analysis, plus the input of private, unpublished indicators. The data input is huge, but as it comes together, it may point directions previously unknown.

The Denaliguide Summit Basic Subscriber Pre-Promotion rate for blog readers is $9.95 monthly for the first one hundred respondents. To obtain your Pre-Promotion subscription, please email " Subscriptions are only available via E-mail, sorry for any inconvenience.

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