Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LOOK dont Listen ! ! !

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to a position -> hmmm I'd say its a BOTTOM ~ !

No not THE BOTTOM, but a Bottom. Bottom of what? Probably a Bear Market Rally.

Ya know the kind that make you think ITS OVER ? So lets ask ourselves :

WHOM DONT WE LISTEN TO : The Talking Heads ! Oh yes are they not scaring the

stuffing out of you right now. Oh yes whooo hooo, layoffs, plant closures, etc,
etc, etc.

Wow werent the reasons behind the UNKNOWNS for the market collapse in September
& October that the TALKING HEADS were just taken all by surprise about ? So they and whomever gives them their material just had to make up for that by trying and trying to scare the pants off you with OLD NEWS. Seems to me a market dropping by almost half is discounting alot of stuff.

So now your going to be subject to the drum-beat until THEY decide it'd be good to say good things. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS THEN? My bet ? I bet you a cup of snow that then things will go south, after a brief couple days of "Good Feelings". Call those good feelings a "Christmas Gift".

Well Ya know what, in my next post, I will enclose half a dozen presents to all, from me to you, and I hope they will be "News You Can USE".

Lite the candle, be vigilant and kind.


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