Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do they feel lucky ? TALKING HEADS...........

IF I were these guys, I'd be heading for the rocks, high up where the peasants with the pitchforks & cudgels could not get to them.

THIS crew has talked the market right up when EVERYONE knew it had no business going there, supporting the insanity. Now they are rehashing every bit of bad news they are handed and never questioning why the market would discount such things TWICE.

In the rocks they might be safe from the pitchforks, but I am hoping some of the people who see themselves as screwed by them will have sniper capability. I hope, against all reason, that they would cease their corrupted activities, spreading bad news as thick as cold margarine on everyone's bread.

Well PUNKS, do ya feel Lucky Today ?


LOOK dont Listen ! Chart #1 is info enuf.

Click on both charts to enlarge to see what you should know.......IMO. !!


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