Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who was your mysterious partner for

the Rothschild Tango ?

Were they reluctant to get out there and dance as you both dodged falling stocks ?

What little treats and tidbits did you bite into? Yes, we got some, but we'd been

positioning for this number since September. Yes I will include some of them in the

links. They are necessarily few, because they survived the carnage very nicely,

thanks for asking. Let me proceed to beat a dead horse silly, also - > the ones that

survived were not only the best chart patterns, and way above support so that they

were not pounded down to break support, but they were way high in the relative

strength ratings also. There is a tri-partate theme running thru these issues, but

I will save that for later. The portfolio itself is a mix of stocks, options and

warrants, hopefully provide sufficient poise and balance to take us thru this next

stretch. Hope ya'll are stretching your minds too............

Good Luck To All,


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