Thursday, October 2, 2008

TWO MORE THINGS, and a new objective

THOUGHT #1: Should have gold, given all the
premises and contentions we accept as true, have achieved, and broken
thru the 1000 plateau and stayed there by now, given the horrendous
circustances we have ALREADY experienced ? Manipulation you say?
I say NOT from from $253 to 1033, NOT, NOT, NOT ! That it only ONLY
hit the 1033 mark in the ASIAN session tells me a lot, and then has
been unable to climb the hill. If you say that is manipulation, then
you accept that the rise from 253 to 1033 is also Manipulation !
IMO, there is something more, that we dont see.

THOUGHT #2 : The sharpest guy I know, suggested, along with the
more popular Steve Saville, that commodities were gonna 'cool it'.
My Mr.Sharpguy, however, suggests that commodities are dead money
until 2010. Scary thought isnt it. Now I stirred up very much dust
over at GoldTent, and even got an attack article aimed at me titled
"Objectivity or Negativity ?", when I suggested the Good News Bad News
scenario I developed. Simply it says : The GOOD NEWS is that the
GOLD BULL cannot be BROKEN, because, [ THE BAD NEWS ] the Super Long
Term Support is at $450. [ More fun News is my newest price objective
for Long Term Gold ].

Given Thoughts #1 & #2, I will be NOT buying and holding but using
my private indicators to try to stay on the right side of what I think
the Intermediate trend.

OH not I havent published that new objective, YET.


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