Sunday, October 5, 2008

Double Down? Double Up?

Now I pose a number of options as regards the dollar denominated price of gold:

Halved ? Doubled? Tripled? Quadruple? My research suggests that three of those

four proposed numerical changes are before us, and I expect that scenario to start

unfolding within approximately a fortnight, as I am monitoring it. My associates are

positioning for the first part of the move, and will be watching the developments.

Here on the blog, I post some information that could help readers participate in

the changes as they unfold. Associates are able to position as much as they are

comfortable, so they can realize the benefits as the events unfold without the need

to react.

Stay vigilant during this next fortnight, as the situation will develop and if you

watch you should be able to position beforehand, rather than chase the developments.


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