Saturday, September 20, 2008

What can we rely upon ?

The Oath of Arbroath, updated for this topic and this time:

For as long as any number of us remain standing, never we will on any conditions relinquish our freedom to rule by these evildoers who wormed their way into ascent by the devious means of defrauding people of control of their money. Money is freedom and belongs to the people. Legal Tender is the property of the Pretender Usurpers, and used to fraudulently obtain power bit by bit, eroding the self-evident human rights, forcing people to trade freedom for security, financial and otherwise. This why do what we do.

Straight, cold turkey, stone cold objectivity is our Sun, the great beacon by which we can navigate under all conditions without other assistance. It is the one tool of resistance that we can always rely upon. OBJECTIVITY, no matter who likes it..........

The tools are at your disposal.....


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