Monday, September 15, 2008

Update 9/06 released on Website.

Follow the website link on the right side hear if you want to see what the news you could have used last week was. Sign up if you want to get that news while you can still use it and it is still news.

I Publish it as "NEWS YOU CAN USE" because I was tired of : 1/ Hearing "Guru's" tell me what had ALREADY happened ; 2/ Listening to "Guru's" that it would "Go up if it didnt go down" ; 3/ And I was through with reading "Torrents of Text" and ending up more confused than before I started. No Promises, No Hurt Feelings, just the best, briefest, and quickest summation of what appears the most likely projections from my studies.

Good Luck Ya'll, and sign up if you like. Its free, even it does carry the occasional ad for services.


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