Monday, September 15, 2008

Right out of "Apocolypse NOW"

I'd step out of my arctic entry about 7 AM getting ready to motor into town, and listen to the comforting rattle of the 7.62 X 51 MM rounds spitting out of the M-60 Machine guns on the Six Mile range. Later you'd hear the "whup", "whup" of the mortars, from our lads on Ft. Wainwright as they honed their skills. The 5.56 mm M-16's hardly registered because we were within 5 miles but the ground was flat and covered with black spruce and white birch.

Such a comforting feeling, yet to some, disconcerting. Thats what it felt like today. Merrill bought out last night by BOA, with its private access to the FED Window. LEHMAN left, like so much carrion for the dogs. Watching AIG auto insurance commercials, knowing they are tantamount to bankrupt. Knowing they are all walking dead. Zombies.

So what makes it comforting ? Having cash ? Knowing what sectors were gaining momentum as fortunes shift. Knowing how to do the "ROTHCHILD TANGO" ?

Maybe it is knowing the script, not feeling like we have to guess, watching the projections become manifest. Feeling like, not that we were in control but rather we had the ways and means to navigate this treacherous territory, the means to find food, clothing and shelter. The rest of this week will bring more seemingly terrible events, but if your prepared they wont be so terrible, just new opportunities you have been preparing for.

Maybe some "NEWS YOU CAN USE" would help. Getting on top of the curve rather than under it.



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