Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NOW Let the Games Begin ! ! !

Now even tho I had thought of this contest BEFORE the PTB at a certain site BANNED me yet again, I thought it would be nice to have this contest, since apparently after observing graphics on this site, one well known conmentator adjusted the direction and measure for a certain commodity. I am glad, since as I am off that board, no one could get a link to the blog and until the board master altered his pronouncement, all would not have understood the change in projection.

THE CONTEST : Please identify the chart contained on my links, which has
a RISING WEDGE. The RISING WEDGE is Manifest on September 24, 2008.

THE PRIZE : Consulting Session, FREE, 15 minutes. My call, w/i N.America.

THE RULE : First one to E-Mail Denaliguide with the NAME OF THE LINKED CHART GROUP, and the CHART, to " ", wins the consulting session.
PRIZE VALUE : Priceless.

Ya'll have fun and fight nice. PUBLISHED 5 PM 9/24/2008. CONTEST ENDS N.L.T 9/30/08


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